A Touch o’ the Irish–Quilting, that is!

I’ve been a bit behind on the blogging lately. I have all these pictures that I’ve taken, and things stored up in the back of my head to blog about, and then life gets in the way, and the stuff never makes it to the keyboard and thence to the screen. One of the most exciting things happened at the beginning of June:

Irish Quilting Magazine, Where the Inchies Are

One of my Inchie Quilts called Where the Inchies Are appeared in Irish Quilting Magazine! Cool, right? Now take a look at the picture of the quilt in the magazine: Continue reading

Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 2)

So where was I? Part 2 of this article got preempted by various things, so now my thoughts are a bit scattered, which is what I get for not writing it right after I’d finished Part 1 while I was on a roll! So what was it that I said I would talk about in Part 2 again? Hang on while I go check… … … Ah, there it is: “I’ll share a few thoughts about the actual submission process, and the things that I think made my proposal for Inchie Quilts attractive to AQS.” Hmmm. Okay, here we go.

Early in the Inchie development process, I thought the whole concept would make a great book. It was new, it was different, and nobody was out there doing it already (that I knew of). The development process then was naturally geared toward writing a book, and therefore, I took photos of almost everything I did or made, knowing that if the book deal came through, I would need those photos for the technique portions of the book. Note taking was also profuse, so that I could write instructions for individual quilts without having to figure out measurements and such from finished quilts later.

When it came time to write the proposal, I downloaded the Book Proposal Guidelines from the AQS site. I read them dozens of times, and constructed my proposal to include exactly what they asked for plus a few extras that I thought were pertinent to the Inchies subject material. For example, I included the chapter called Basic Inchie Instructions in my proposal, with color photos and laid out exactly as I envisioned it would be in the book, because I wanted to be sure that the book committee would understand how easy it is to make Inchies. Continue reading

Bookish Things

AQS put up a lovely introduction to Inchie Quilts on the AQS Publishing Blog. I think Bonnie Browning writes the entries on the blog, but I’m not positive. Whoever the mystery writer there at AQS is, she said some really cool things about the book! I realize that as the publisher it’s their job to say wonderful things about the book (and if the publisher didn’t think it was great, it wouldn’t be a book at all), but it’s still pretty cool. :)

Infinite Feathers: Quilting Designs

I love the AQS Publishing blog, and for more reasons than the above. For example, the post just after the one about Inchie Quilts says that Anita Shackelford’s book, Infinite Feathers has been reprinted, which is fantastic news since it’s the best book out there on feather quilting. Truly, the best book. I use mine all the time when I’m designing quilting designs like those I used on Material Marquetry, and it’s been one of the most used books in my library since I bought it.

Speaking of my library, I do still have The Library page on the site, even though it’s not really “findable” from anywhere but the sitemap. The Library pulls my quilting book titles from LibraryThing, a totally awesome and fun site where you can catalog your books, whether quilting titles or not. When I found LibraryThing, I cataloged all my quilting books (as well as the rest of the books in the house), tagged them by subject, and then life got in the way and I sort of forgot it was there most of the time. Continue reading

Want to Write a Quilt Book? (Part 1)

I was in my LQS recently, and the conversation turned to my book and it’s upcoming release. Someone asked me how I got my book published, and I was happy to point her in the right direction, but I also thought I’d answer that question here (more thoroughly, I’ll admit), and give a few links to more information.


Of course, no story is complete around here unless it’s a long one, so you have to have the back story: I started dreaming about writing a quilt book way back in the late 1990s. I actually submitted a proposal to That Patchwork Place/Martingale Publishing in 1998, for a book about my Bargello Blocks technique. I waited a really long time to hear back from them (I didn’t have a clue, and I didn’t want to seem pushy), and finally learned by calling their offices that they had lost my proposal. They eventually found the quilt I submitted with the proposal in their offices somewhere, but the proposal itself never turned up. Discouraging, to say the least, and by that time (months had gone by) I was off in another quilting direction entirely.

I did eventually publish the Inspiration pattern (see quilt at right) through Cafe Press. Another interesting note: Last year a book was released by Krause Publications that’s essentially the same technique (from what I can tell by the cover anyway, you be the judge) Continue reading

Inchie Quilts Published!

Inchie Quilts

Yipee!! The book is back from the printer and in the AQS warehouse, and much earlier than originally expected! I can now officially say that I’m a published author. WOW! That’s pretty cool, though it still seems a little unreal. Maybe when I actually have my hands on a copy, it will really sink in. :)

Inchie Quilts is available to order directly from AQS, or you can order it from me in about two weeks. I just ordered copies to be shipped to me, and they’ll take a week or two to arrive. I’ll be offering an introductory special on the Inchie Quilts book and InchieSee & InchieDo Viewer Tool and Ruler Set for just $35, more than 20% off the combined regular prices!

Since I’m here anyway, I’ll also tell you that one of my Inchie Quilts will be in the next issue of Irish Quilting, which should be on newstands in the first part of June. This is a quilt that is not in the book and the article features the quilt pattern and includes instructions to make Inchies! I’ll be sure to share pics when my copy of the magazine arrives. Well, there will be pictures of the book when it arrives as well! For now, it’s back to work writing Inchie workshop supply lists and handouts!

Coming Soon! Inchie Quilts

This was a great way to wake up:

Inchie Quilts at Amazon.com

Even without the picture of the cover, it’s still a pretty awesome feeling to see your own book listed at Amazon.com! This caused quite a stir in our house on Saturday morning! The book is also listed at the AQS site, in the Upcoming Releases section and on it’s own page, and you can actually see a picture there as well as a short description.

Now that the book is listed at the AQS site and the mother of all book shopping sites, my editor has given the go ahead and I can share the actual cover art and subject material with you! So, without further ado, I give you Inchie Quilts:

Continue reading